2018 Sonscreen
Official Selections

2018 Sonscreen
Official Selections

Best in Festival

Sisterly | Nina Vallado


Audience Choice Award

Sisterly | Nina Vallado


Jury Selection Award

Genesis | Julian Ybarra

Sonscreen Vision Award

Debra Brill


Official Selections – Dramatic Short

She Isn’t Here | Michelle Noland – Best Dramatic Short

The Chocolate Shop | Vester Banner III – Honorable Mention

A Madness in Me



Little Daylight

Question I Imagine My Black Daughter Will Ask Me


You Can’t Save Everyone

Official Selections – Documentary Short

Sisterly | Nina Vallado – Best Documentary Short

Zahra | Sarah Tan – Honorable Mention

A Different God


Greensill Groove


My Faith My Fro: Hair I Am

Native ISO

What SMing Is Really Like

Official Selections – Comedy Short

Who Framed Lyndon Johnson | Andrew Hansen – Best Comedy Short

Anne With an E | Sarah Tan – Honorable Mention

At Grainger

Senior Year

Still Senior Year

The Survivalist

Official Selections – Animated Short

Ila | Kit Clements and Kacey Layson – Best Animated Short

Satellite | Yuta Higuchi – Honorable Mention

A Brief Power Struggle

Le Petit Oberservateur

Paige’s Pastel

Rock Hazard

The Answer

Official Selections – Art/Experimental Short

125 Pounds | Joshua Martin – Best Art/Experimental Short

Victory | Morgan Sanker – Honorable Mention


Bear Market


Learning to Swim


Official Selections – High School Short

Ha’awi Aloha | Kayli Pascal-Martinez – Best High School Short

The Life of Earl | Arik Amodeo – Honorable Mention

Hidden Color


Tech Zombies

The Awakening

The Backyard Beekeper

The Fool’s Prayer

You’re It


Best Cinematography

Joshua Martin (125 Pounds)


Best Original Screenplay

Vester Banner III (The Chocolate Shop)