1. Mylon Medley

    Hey, Michael!

    What was your favorite part of making this film?

    Also, what was actually in that syringe?

    -Mylon Medley/Sonscreen Festival Programming Director

    • Michael Moyer

      Hey Myron, thanks for the questions!

      I absolutely loved almost everything about making this film, but I especially enjoyed our two days of production. The set of Listen Lana was an unusually laid-back experience — in great part because we were blessed with such a talented and cast and crew! Anthony, our director, had such a clear vision and knew specifically what he wanted before we got on set; Josh and Brenna are both fantastic performers with clear chemistry; and the rest of the crew killed it with their technical knowledge and work ethic. Since everyone took their jobs seriously and were firing on all cylinders, we came out the other end with some fantastic footage and were able to have a ton of fun on the way!

      As far as what was actually in the syringe… the world may never know 😉

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